Monday, August 16, 2010

Not a fan of Summer, please don't stone me

After avoiding the scale for 6 weeks, I stepped on this morning in my groggy stupor and woke Steve up with my angry scream. 158 blinked at me in bright red.

My pants have been tight. I’ve been feeling bloated. Most of my summer wear consists of loose t-shirts and sporty, yet forgiving pedal pushers (if that’s what they’re still called) Today I can’t even suck in my tummy I feel that bloated.

I haven’t been eating my bran buds. Weekends I’ve been drinking like a fish and allowing my life-style diet to go out the window, all because its summer and I feel entitled to binge if I want to.

I’ve always found summer a difficult time to stick to my diet. I’m not terribly fond of the heat unless I’m at the lake. It’s too hot to walk during the day, and nights are so warm it’s quite hard to get a good nights sleep. You would think the heat would stop me from over eating, but that’s just not the case. I eat because I’m exhausted, over-heated and grumpy. Food makes me feel better.

Summer is also the booze months for me. BBQ, weddings, camping and birthday parties all seem to abound during summer with alcohol often flowing freely. To stay social, of course I drink too.

I’m ready for summer to be over and school to start. I’m looking forward to an end to social engagements popping up left right and center. I just don’t have the will power to say no.

You’ll be seeing me around more often now I imagine. I do need the accountability of this blog more than it needs me!


  1. Good to see you posting :)

    And I am so with you on this one. I need my routine back and I am ready ready ready for summer to be OVER.

    Welcome back!

  2. Welcome back. We're here whenever you need us!

  3. Welcome back! I too strongly dislike summer - god thing there is only a few weeks left of it... hello school!

  4. I LOVE summer but I can definately relate to the weight gain and craziness of summer. Around this time of the summer I also look forward to the routine and structure that the school year brings.

  5. YAY! you're back! I can relate to feeling gross in the summer but mostly because I live in an area of town where this weather makes anyone and everyone skinny come out wearing bikinis. which does wonders for my own self esteem (oh my, and here I am, avoiding swimsuit situations like nothing else). I have been making tons of iced tea, no sugar, just herbal on the rocks to keep me from drinking or eating anything I shouldn't. and being kind of broke lately has caused me to avoid social situations / drinking. However, this heat makes me want to be so far from the gym it's been pretty brutal. Times like these I wish I had a private pool at my disposal...


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