Monday, August 16, 2010

Not a fan of Summer, please don't stone me

After avoiding the scale for 6 weeks, I stepped on this morning in my groggy stupor and woke Steve up with my angry scream. 158 blinked at me in bright red.

My pants have been tight. I’ve been feeling bloated. Most of my summer wear consists of loose t-shirts and sporty, yet forgiving pedal pushers (if that’s what they’re still called) Today I can’t even suck in my tummy I feel that bloated.

I haven’t been eating my bran buds. Weekends I’ve been drinking like a fish and allowing my life-style diet to go out the window, all because its summer and I feel entitled to binge if I want to.

I’ve always found summer a difficult time to stick to my diet. I’m not terribly fond of the heat unless I’m at the lake. It’s too hot to walk during the day, and nights are so warm it’s quite hard to get a good nights sleep. You would think the heat would stop me from over eating, but that’s just not the case. I eat because I’m exhausted, over-heated and grumpy. Food makes me feel better.

Summer is also the booze months for me. BBQ, weddings, camping and birthday parties all seem to abound during summer with alcohol often flowing freely. To stay social, of course I drink too.

I’m ready for summer to be over and school to start. I’m looking forward to an end to social engagements popping up left right and center. I just don’t have the will power to say no.

You’ll be seeing me around more often now I imagine. I do need the accountability of this blog more than it needs me!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yes, I have been scarce around these parts

Hello Fellow bloggers!

I have been terribly scarce on this blog of late and I apologize. I've had a lot on my mind and a busy summer.

I've also been spending more time on my other blog, So you want to see what I've been up too, check me out there!

Hope your all having a fabulous summer :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Feeling Bloated

The summer has officially hit ‘round these parts. Our backyard was 31 degrees yesterday afternoon and 20 degrees this morning at 6:30. I wish I loved it, but to be terribly honest I’m one of those people who loves spring and fall and could just as well live without the scorching summer. Please don’t stone me.

I’ve been trying to figure out lately why I feel so terribly bloated after lunch everyday. Some days it gets so bad, I can’t suck in my stomach. Just for the record, I am not constipated. I don’t eat a big lunch, just 1 sandwich thin with a little lunch meat, cucumber, cheese and some baby carrots. Today I’m going to try just eating the sandwich and eating the carrots later in the afternoon. Does anyone else experience the same problem?

Friday, July 2, 2010

More Drama

Weight 149.8

I’ve been a little scarce round these parts but you are not abandoned fellow weight watchers. I have been plagued the last week with work drama directly involving Steve and me, which has sucked me dry of all mental and emotional energy. My work life is still a bit of a mess but Steve and I are ironing our side of things out, so things are finally quieting down.

Due to my tooth extraction and personal drama, I haven’t been eating well but I also haven’t been eating much. This has certainly saved me from gaining, and I actually weighed in 1.5 pounds less than last week. I spent 4 days in bed watching movies and eating oatmeal, pudding, ice cream and mashed potatoes!! How did I get this lucky?

Tonight I have physio, which I’m none to excited about, but I’ve certainly noticed a difference in my RSI. I’ve got an 8 KM walk planned for tomorrow with an old friend, getting in good exercise and some girly time in! Afterwards we should be having some friends over for drinks. I don’t expect any major food dilemma’s this weekend.

My goals this week are:

Blog at least 2 times
Track my Point’s everyday
Finish organizing/de-cluttering

Quick question to y’all: What are your horror stories and/or pleasant encounters with dating people you work with?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chocolate Cake, You are not my friend. Not now, not ever.

Weight 151.8

Today, one of the ladies in the office was passing out donuts and I said No thank you. I was quite proud of myself. I actually viewed this as an accomplishment. Then the new girl brought in home made chocolate cake and I couldn’t say no. I just had to try a teeny piece and that said teeny piece turned into 3 teeny pieces. Silly me, I know better.

I have my weigh in tonight. Days like this I am happy for the motivation and listening to my leader talk. A little Weight Watcher brain wash is exactly what I need right now, let me tell you. I’m feeling tubby and frumpy again, but I know that’s because my TOM is due in a couple days.

I’m a little concerned about Friday. I’m getting my last 2 wisdom teeth yanked from my mouth, which means I’ll be eating pudding for 3-4 days. The all pudding diet is never good for weight loss for some strange reason. Any one know any tricks to staying pull on a liquid diet? At this point, I’m pretty open to advice!

And here’s me today:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Food that escaped the garbage

I am pleased to announce that my purge is complete. I have thrown out every morsel of food that could trigger a binge. I feel relieved; almost like that food was haunting me.

Food that I decided to keep was:

Mini Freezies – 10 calories a Pop. Fabulous in the summer when you have a sweet tooth.

100 Calorie Mint Chocolate Cadbury Bars – 2 points and a life savor when it’s TOM

VitaMuffin 100 Calorie Muffin Tops – 1 point and worth every bite. I can never eat more then one anyway.

I am a little in love with the Smart Ones Desserts. I like the Strawberry Shortcake the most but the Double Fudge Cake is pretty damn good. I’ve only been able to find the Strawberry Shortcake at Superstore, so if anyone has seen it elsewhere let me know.

I made a very healthy stir fry last night with my own sauce made from scratch over brown rice. Doesn’t it look tasty? I probably shouldn’t have added the cashews, but I decided to live a little. Without the cashews it’s 8 points.

I feel excellent today. I took a walk at lunch and I’ve been drinking my water. I am concentrating on tracking and making healthy choices, more so then staying within my points range. I only get a measly 21, which leaves me really hungry unless I eat pounds and pounds of veggies.

My question to y’all is how do you stay full on minimal points?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My name is Cass, and I'm a Food Addict

Weight 152.6

I go through the same pattern over and over again. I get close to 160, panic and drop back down to 148, then binge eat until I get up to 160 again and the cycle continues. I’m starting the binge cycle again and I don’t know how to stop. Every where I look I see forbidden food, that in my mind I believe I deserve. The deserving turns into bingeing because I can’t control myself.

I’d like to blame my bingeing on stress or just juggling a lot in my life but in my heart I know it’s none of those things. I’ve been much more stressed and juggled much more and managed to eat less. Honestly, I am a food addict and like any good addict knows, having the source of the addiction in the house, needs to stop. I clearly cannot control myself after work.

Last night I threw away all the trigger foods in my pantry and fridge. This included the home made double chocolate chip cookies a lady at the office made and the cool ranch Doritos. How did these sneak into my house anyway, I should know better. If I’m going to pig out, I want it to be on grapes or apples.

I wasn’t walking at lunch like I always do for over a month. I got myself out there Monday Tuesday and today so far and will continue for the rest of the week. I’m not going to push myself too hard with activity or I’ll just quit.

I started Physio last week for my RSI in my fore arm and wish I had started it sooner. The RSI was getting so bad; my fingers were going numb at night. Already the pain is greatly reduced, to which I am greatly relieved. I’ve been very lazy with cooking because even chopping veggies hurts my arm.

My bingeing aside, I still feel pretty good about myself. I went to a party on Saturday and felt thin and attractive, which I would never have felt a couple years ago. Here’s a picture of me at the party: